paintings and prints

My work is about color. Ever since my first childhood
experiences with the rainbow of crayons, I have
responded most naturally in color. My work is also about
pattern. I see the world in an arrangement of shapes.
This results in realistic or abstract compositions with a
design like quality. I paint and print my personal
sponse to what I am creating. I enjoy the kinetic joy
the process. Also I enjoy hiking in the beauty and
grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Unlimited composi
tions await me on every trail. I take photos from which
I create my pictures when I return to my studio. The finished art is a monotype made  from three acrylic plates which are covered with color and then the ink is removed in a subtractive method. The colors show the joy of my response to each each day, each trail, each time of day. 

My other series interests are with an ongoing search in my imagination for the village of my Czech grandparents as well as a fascination for the compositional delights of the many variations of tree forms in nature.  Other times I just indulge in color play,
a never ending source of delight in the creative process.

My painting subjects are often abstract or expressionistic interpretations of any or all of these themes.  As is obvious from my free use of color, the artistic process is always a joyous occasion for me.
                                                                                              JULIANNE BIEHL                                                 

upper left: Rocky Mountain Memories #81, Dream Lake Trail,
monotype., 8" X 8". framed 16" X 15".
lower left: Rocky Mountain Memories #63, Ouzel Falls, Wild Basin.
monotype.,8" X 8", framed 16" X 15".
artist portrait by John Smith. Dallas, TX.